Alcohol and drugs

Study: 8 in 10 students said they engaged in behaviors related to "drunkorexia"

More than 80 percent of college students in a new study said they have skipped a meal, induced vomiting or used a laxative in order to consume more alcohol.

Masculinity programming at University of Redlands hopes to help men be 'authentic selves'

Colleges are increasingly creating masculinity programs, aimed at boosting retention while encouraging students to rethink what it means to "be a man."

Can college bans on hard liquor be effective?

When colleges ban hard liquor, even for students over 21, does drinking behavior change? Or is it just forced off campus?

How institutions handle drug violations varies greatly

Recent arrests at Wesleyan following Molly overdoses raise questions of why drug arrests are so rare at small private colleges -- but common elsewhere.

Four Wesleyan students arrested in investigation of drug hospitalizations

Charges follow hospitalizations of 12 after use of club drug Molly. University immediately suspends those who were arrested.

Wesleyan on alert after string of student hospitalizations related to party drug

Wesleyan's president warns students to steer clear of the party drug and to turn in who is dealing it on campus, but this weekend's hospitalizations were not the first for the university.

Freshman deaths show risks of transitioning to college life

At least eight freshmen at U.S. universities have died so far this year. How can colleges help alter the behaviors of students they're only just starting to know?


University-themed Jell-O molds send a mixed message, critics say

Colleges and Kraft Foods say that new university-themed Jell-O molds are meant to be used to create tasty tailgate treats. But some worry they're an invitation to binge drink.

Colleges confront an increase in use of heroin by students

Facing overdoses and regional scourges, campuses start to see that substance abuse problems don’t just revolve around alcohol and marijuana.


Study links binge drinking and low critical thinking skills, with a caveat

Students who binge drink during college have significantly worse critical thinking skills than non-bingers upon graduation -- but only if they started college with comparatively low skills, study says.


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