Animal rights

Animal Rights and 'Eco-Terrorism'

Perhaps only in the superheated atmosphere of the current conflict over the U.S. Senate's confirmation of judges could a hearing about illegal bombings and arson by animal rights groups turn into a partisan affair.

Fighting Back Against Extremists

Following increase in harassment from animal rights foes, UCLA announces campaign to protect researchers and their families.

Did Peter Singer Back Animal Research?

No, but the intellectual father of animal rights admitted the possibility that some experiments might be justified.

Proving You're Not a Puppy Murderer

One of a public relations officer's worst nightmares is a lie that won't go away, and Dalhousie University recently confronted a doozy: that it was experimenting on cuddly, doe-eyed puppies and kittens.

Animals in the Med School Classroom

An advocacy group wants institutions to stop using dogs and pigs as teaching tools. Some colleges no longer do, but others still defend the practice.

Going on the Offensive Against Animal 'Liberationists'

As a battleground for the animal liberation movement, the University of California at Los Angeles has weathered threats, intimidation and property damage directed against several of its researchers over the past few years. Today -- two weeks after a firebomb went off at the same professor's house that in October was flooded with a garden hose -- the university moved beyond law enforcement, the bully pulpit and security reinforcements and filed a lawsuit against three groups and five individuals.

After Attacks on Researchers, Caution and Steadfastness

In what many see as escalation of animal rights campaign of intimidation, firebombing incidents highlight efforts to ensure safety and continue biomedical research.

Push to Protect Researchers From Attacks

California lawmakers move to enact new protections for scientists facing harassment and worse from animal rights extremists.

California Passes Law Protecting Animal Researchers

Signed by Schwarzenegger, the law is already in effect, adding new misdemeanors designed to protect academic freedom of intimidated scientists.

Degree Completion for Dog Lovers

The Humane Society University will begin offering undergraduate degrees and graduate certificates this fall.


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