Archaeology group faces backlash over how it handled known harasser's attendance at meeting


Society for American Archaeology faces major backlash over how it handled a known harasser's attendance at its annual meeting.

Promising open-access anthropology journal moves to modified subscription service amid staff turmoil

Promising open-access anthropology publication abandons its business model and faces criticism over allegations that top editor and others created toxic environment.

Two professors on different campuses used the N-word last week. One was suspended and one was backed by his institution

Two professors on different campuses used the N-word last week. One was suspended and one was backed by his institution, demonstrating academe's continually fraught relationship with the term.

Mass shooting in Las Vegas leads to renewed calls to lift limits on studying gun violence

Mass shooting in Las Vegas is latest incident to raise question of why federal agencies avoid studies that might illuminate policy.

One of the most liberal-minded disciplines plots its course under the new administration

Anthropology -- where the work of researchers is often at odds with the priorities of the Trump White House -- tries to figure out how to maneuver.

Anthropologists prepare to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities

At American Anthropological Association meeting, scholars prepare to vote on a resolution calling for the group to boycott Israeli universities.

Anthropology association task force recommends the group take action in response to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Task force charged with evaluating how anthropology association should respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recommends that group take action, and suggests that censure of Israeli policies is insufficient.

Army shuts down controversial Human Terrain System, criticized by many anthropologists

U.S. Army quietly shuts down Human Terrain System, which placed anthropologists and other scholars with military units in Iraq and Afghanistan and set off huge debate over scholarly ethics.

History and anthropology departments at Sacramento State U square off over new gen ed course

Historians at Sacramento State are furious that an anthropology course has been deemed to meet a state requirement for study of American history.

At annual meeting, anthropologists discuss the academic boycott of Israel

At the American Anthropological Association's annual meeting, momentum builds in favor of a boycott of Israeli universities.


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