Asian Americans

U.S. reveals investigation of alleged anti-Asian bias at Yale

U.S. Education and Justice Departments are investigating. University says its practices are legal.

Report calls for end to grouping of Asian-American students in one category


Report urges colleges and other education groups to disaggregate the numbers about Asian-American students, and says current practices to aggregate data hide inequities.


Author discusses book on Asian Americans as 'college impostors'

Author discusses her book on Asian Americans who are “college impostors” and the “model minority” myth.


Share of Asian Americans hits record high in Harvard's class of admitted applicants

Gains have been steady over a decade, but increase is large this year as federal judge considers lawsuit over affirmative action.

Research suggests bias against Asian Americans after they earn degrees from top colleges

New research says critics of elite colleges' policies may want to pay more attention to what happens after graduation.

Authors discuss their new book on experience of Asian American students at Harvard

Authors discuss their new book on the experience of Asian American students at Harvard University.


A look at the data and arguments about Asian-Americans and admissions at elite colleges

Justice Department inquiry renews debate over whether top colleges hold some applicants to an unfair standard -- and what the data say about Asian-American applicants.

Institutions that serve Asian students have positive impacts but lack funding

New federal designation for institutions that serve Asian-American and Pacific Islander students could significantly aid low-income students in those groups, a study finds --- but funding for those colleges lags.

Asian-American students perceive bias in university admissions and counselors want clarification


Students and counselors perceive a bias against Asian Americans in elite university admissions and say reticent college officials aren’t helping the situation.


Counseling and Chinese Culture

More Mandarin-speaking students are enrolling in college, and counseling centers must address their special needs, psychologists say.


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