Dealing with college students’ learning loss: The Key podcast

Two experts on student learning discuss how colleges and professors can gauge whether and how much the pandemic set back students on their educational paths.


U of Illinois says goodbye to Proctorio

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says it won't work with Proctorio past this summer, citing "significant" accessibility concerns. Will other campuses be next?


Students seek pass-fail options again for fall in light of COVID-19

Students are again seeking pass-fail options for this anything-but-normal fall. Institutions are far less lenient than they were in the spring -- with some exceptions.


Many colleges will return to normal grading this fall. But will the semester be 'normal'?

Colleges adopted an array of flexible assessment policies because of COVID-19 last spring. Many are reverting to their normal practices this fall -- though the term will be anything but.

Online proctoring is surging during COVID-19

Is the fight against cheating during remote instruction worth enlisting third-party student surveillance platforms?


How lenient, or not, should professors be with students right now?

How lenient, or not, should professors be with students right now?


Many colleges are abandoning or downgrading student evaluations during coronavirus crisis. Will that stick?

Some colleges are changing how they collect and consider student ratings of instructors, citing the COVID-19-driven move online. Might that undermine a widely criticized (and used) tool?

Revisiting one discipline's effort to define what its students should know and be able to do

During the last decade, historians worked together to commonly define graduates' desired skills, knowledge and "habits of mind." Here's what that "tuning" accomplished -- and where it fell short.

For-profit programs not the only ones that would fail gainful-employment test

Data in a new online tool raise questions about how well public and nonprofit colleges and universities are doing in helping students earn enough to repay their debt.


Advocates for student learning assessment say it's time for a different approach

At accrediting conference, panelists acknowledge that effort to measure learning outcomes has been a "hot mess" and that it's time for a better approach.



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