Big Ten and Pac-12 postpone 2020 fall sports

Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences call off 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns. Other Power 5 leagues seem disinclined to follow, leaving potential split in big-time football.

Colleges pull back on athletics amid coronavirus

Pac-12 will only play other conference members. NESCAC cancels fall athletics. Carleton and U of Bridgeport won't play sports this fall. Nor will California community colleges.

Ivy League will not play fall sports in 2020

Conference is first Division I league to postpone its fall football season, which some believe could influence other institutions' plans.

Athletes push for and achieve social justice goals

College athletes are leading boycotts and prompting conversations about racial injustice. They're also embracing their power to initiate change at their institutions and beyond.

College football programs hit by COVID after resumption of voluntary workouts

Thirty Louisiana State football players are in quarantine, and 23 Clemson football players test positive. Major football programs report COVID cases since voluntary workouts started June 1.

College football players test positive for virus as HBCUs cancel four games

Four games set to feature historically black colleges are canceled, and positive tests spread to many major university programs as players return.

Financial crisis related to coronavirus hits athletic departments

The financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has prompted athletics departments at Division I institutions to consider reducing numbers of sports programs.

SUNY Binghamton receives largest donation in its history

Binghamton University hopes to expand its national profile with a new baseball stadium paid for by an anonymous donor.

College athletes permitted to be paid for name, image, likeness

The National Collegiate Athletic Association's governing board votes to allow college athletes to be compensated in third-party sponsorship deals.

U.S. congressman to propose college athlete payment bill

Days after California enacted a law allowing college athletes to sign endorsement deals, lawmakers in other states and in Congress threaten legislation to advance player compensation.


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