Pac-12 conference mulls taking on private equity investors

A proposal to sell off part of the Pacific-12 Conference to private investors raises eyebrows among some athletics experts.

Emails reveal vitriol toward Ohio State president, adamant defense of Urban Meyer

While Ohio State's president considered what to do about a wildly successful head coach accused of looking the other way at domestic abuse by his assistant, he received plenty of advice. We read those emails.

Protests over UMD athletics scandals shows student division

Maryland's student government organized a rally to encourage backing the football team. Many minority students and others said it was time to focus on the abuse of athletes and the death of a black player.

False statistic on sexual harassment at Baylor spreads, with help from media and Twitter

University seeks to contain (self-inflicted) damage from news article and report mistakenly asserting that more than half of students have been harassed by professors.

Maryland's Loh retiring as president; football coach, athletics director stay after scandal

Head football coach DJ Durkin and athletics director Damon Evans will return after investigation into a player's death.

Guilty verdict in college basketball corruption trial puts new pressure on NCAA

The guilty verdicts in the men's basketball corruption trial will rattle the NCAA, athletics experts say.

U of Maryland confirms officials were told about alleged football abuse two years ago

University of Maryland's president was told about alleged abuse in the football program almost two years ago -- well before an athlete died. New reports include coaches working players until they vomited, mocking them and forcing them to watch grisly videos of animal deaths.

After racist coach scandal, Brandeis demotes two administrators, severs ties with another


University demotes two high-ranking administrators after they apparently failed to follow policy in investigating and disciplining a reportedly racist coach.

Ohio State criticized for Urban Meyer response

Critics blast university for handing head football coach Urban Meyer a light sentence in his handling of domestic abuse allegations against an assistant.

Coaching pressures likely led to 'toxic' environment in football at U of Maryland

Experts say pressure to succeed in big-time football is behind reports of thrown weights, repeated verbal abuse and more at Maryland. Did it take a student's death to capture attention?


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