Harvard sexism scandal reveals larger concerns over how female athletes are treated

Colleges describe male and female athletes as having a familial bond. That's being questioned after sexist traditions at Harvard have been revealed, and female athletes elsewhere have reported being assaulted by male athletes.

At Alabama and Greenville, a backlash to anthem protests by black students


At Alabama, black students draw criticism from flag-carrying fans and ugly comments on social media. At Greenville, veterans take to the field (without permission).

As Supreme Court declines to hear O'Bannon case, focus turns to other antitrust lawsuits against NCAA

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the O’Bannon case protects college sports’ amateurism model for now, but earlier ruling that the association violates antitrust laws leaves the model vulnerable.

Clemson coach faces criticism over comments about athlete protests


Head of Clemson football program says some protesting police violence against black people should move to another country, and implies his comments reflect the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr.

NCAA will move championship games from North Carolina


State's Republican Party spokeswoman issues response: "I wish the NCAA was this concerned about the women who were raped at Baylor."

Debate grows over national anthem at college events


Debate grows about athletes who kneel during national anthem. Football players at Indiana State and Tulsa join movement. Texas chancellor urges students to stand and face flag.

Victims, advocates worry about bias in campus hearings

Possible bias during hearing processes continues to be a concern for students reporting campus sexual assault.

Colleges increase athletic spending with hopes of joining Power Five

In a risky and expensive endeavor, colleges are spending more and more money on athletics in hopes of earning a spot among the Power Five conferences.

Coach's comments about player's social media posts spark debate on athlete speech

A player's social media post about Donald Trump and a coach's advice to be "socially responsible" inspire a debate about athlete speech.

Recent cases renew debate about second chances for athletes who assault women


Former Stanford swimmer is but the latest example of university athletes accused of assaulting women who seem to escape punishments that are serious enough for their crimes.


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