Court Win for a Rule Breaker

Ohio State breached its contract with a former basketball coach when it fired him for NCAA violations, a judge rules.

Real Classes Have Teachers

NCAA considers a crackdown on high school diploma mills that help athletes get eligible.

Keeping the Choctaws

NCAA says Mississippi College teams can continue to bear Native American name because local tribe approves.

Putting Academics First

Allen U. decides to drop football to focus its resources on more central priorities.

Court Challenge on Athletic Aid

Antitrust lawsuit accuses NCAA of illegally restricting value of sports scholarships.

Punished for Poor Progress

For first time, NCAA penalizes its members based on athletes' academic underperformance, trying to compel improvement.

Appeals Court Revives Harassment Suit

Federal panel finds evidence for woman to proceed with claim over Georgia's handling of rape allegations involving athletes.

Salary Pecking Order

Ever wonder how many reference librarians it would take to earn the pay of a football coach?

Black Eye for the Buckeyes

NCAA puts Ohio State on three years’ probation and penalizes former basketball coaches for misconduct.

A Bracket You Won't See Elsewhere

It’s tourney time. March Madness. The big dance. Thousands of college students will muster energy never before seen in lecture halls to cheer one of 65 college basketball teams to the national championship.

Television rights to the tournament account for 90 percent of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual revenue. 

A national outplacement consulting firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, estimates that businesses will lose $237 million a day as people follow the tournament during working hours.


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