A Bracket Not to Bet On

If you think college athletes should be students, Inside Higher Ed's method of assessing teams in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament is for you.

Florida State's Unpleasant Vacation

For the second time in four years, Florida State University is challenging a major punishment of it by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, declaring itself to be a victim of unfair treatment by the sports group to which it belongs.

Rogue Compliance Officer

NCAA penalizes Texas A&M at Corpus Christi for multiple rules violations, including those of an official who allegedly sought to conceal infractions from the NCAA in exchange for money.

Prayers From the Dugout

At Neumann College, which has a chaplain for each team, sports and spirituality blend.

The Board Role in College Sports

National trustees' group calls for institutional leaders to treat athletics like other campus matters, delegating authority to president and others but holding them accountable.

Ward Churchill Redux?

Bowdoin is poised to discipline a professor for research errors that he says officials went looking for only because they didn't like the content of his work -- not unlike another recent case.

Broken Covenant

Some professors want to know why a religious college in Georgia is preparing for faculty cuts while adding significantly to athletics spending.

Student Sports Fans and Bigoted Attitudes

Research links identification with college football and basketball teams and higher levels of homophobia and sexism.

Left Out of NCAA Leadership

Faculty members call for greater representation within new governance structure of the college sports group.

Bowdoin Punishes Professor Who Provoked

President censures economist after backing panel's finding that sloppy research practices amounted to misconduct. His backers say the response squelches faculty criticism.


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