Laureate's growing global network of institutions

Laureate Education has quietly become an 800,000-student behemoth and a major player in global higher education. So what is the company, exactly?

Australian university's partnership with American academic health center graduates its first class

U. of Queensland graduates its first class from its clinical school in Louisiana as medical education in general grows more international.

University of Queensland signs controversial $50 million agreement to fund undergraduate programs in Western civilization


University of Queensland says fixed-term gift will provide rare infusion of support for humanities, but professors and students have concerns about academic freedom and the donor's political agenda.

Tensions grow in Australia over courses on Western civilization

Criticism centers on source of funding and university governance.

New scrutiny on donor influence in Australian higher education

Debate follows failed attempts to set up Western civilization programs.

Australia sees renewed push on study of Western civilization


New center seeks to influence curriculum shifts in recent years, which have focused on Asia and on the country's Aboriginal heritage. Some question whether country needs more study of white men.

To improve Ph.D. completion rates, Australian universities use metrics on their supervisors

The key may be tracking the performance of those who supervise doctoral students.

Use of 'casual' (adjunct) instructors spreads in Australia

Australian universities' use of adjunct instructors grows much faster than other types of faculty employment -- especially for teaching-only positions.

Study finds researchers in Britain and Australia skip the truth to get research grants


Seeking to win funds, researchers in Australia and Britain regularly exaggerate and lie about impact of their projects, study finds.

Study finds Australian universities have high demands for academics


Study analyzes job ads to show just how much is expected of an aspiring academic.


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