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Democratic contenders push moderate debt relief plans in response to Warren, Sanders

The student debt relief plans from Democratic presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg offer targeted loan forgiveness, drawing contrast with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.


Warren introduces debt relief legislation, drawing contrast with Sanders

Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren unveils details of a debt cancellation bill, making the case for a more targeted approach than legislation offered by rival Bernie Sanders.


Democratic contenders draw contrasts on free college, student debt

In first debates of Democratic presidential primary, candidates outline contrasting visions on college affordability, student debt.


Sanders outflanks Warren with proposal for universal student loan debt relief

Critics of both plans say Sanders's proposal for universal debt relief amplifies existing issues with Warren's plan, which includes caps on income for beneficiaries.


Presidential hopefuls get behind Pell Grants in prisons

Most candidates seeking Democratic nomination support repealing ban on federal aid for incarcerated students. One of the few exceptions? Joe Biden, author of the crime law that enacted the ban.


Democratic contenders' higher ed positions go well beyond free college

The 2016 Democratic primary was defined in part by free college. But contenders seeking the party's nomination in 2020 have focused on a wide range of issues in higher ed, including debt relief, for-profits and sexual misconduct.


Sanders, Democratic colleagues introduce new free-college bill

The Vermont senator’s proposal includes free tuition and fees at public universities for all students with family income up to $125,000 and would cut student loan interest rates in half.


Higher ed plans from Biden and Sanders differ in scope, specificity

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have different ideas about college affordability and higher education policy, both in their approaches and the specificity of their plans.


Schatz reintroduces debt-free college bill

Hawaii Democrat Brian Schatz reintroduces legislation for debt-free public college with hopes of shaping an update to the Higher Education Act -- and the 2020 Democratic primary race.

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