Engaging the Public

While many scientists leave "intelligent design" debate to the press, some shift time from labs to school boards and kids.

Upturn for Science Doctorates

American universities award more Ph.D.'s, over all and in technical fields, for second year in a row.

Evolution, E-Mail and Kansas

University reviews new course after learning of professor's anti-intelligent design comments.

Uncle Sam Wants to Know Your Working Hours

Proposed federal guidelines urge universities to better document when researchers are doing NIH-sponsored studies.

E-Mails Kill a Course

Kansas professor -- following more reports of anti-religious comments -- withdraws class on intelligent design.

Nose to the Grindstone

Scientists and engineers in academe work harder than their counterparts in industry and government, study finds.

Survival of the Fittest Theory

Federal judge rejects intelligent design curriculum as religious and non-scientific.

Good Business

DNA patents encourage academic research, and often do not restrict information, study finds.

Research Freedom v. National Security

A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.

Advanced Yes, Placement No

Study questions whether students who finish AP courses -- even those who receive top score -- should receive college credit.


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