Stem Cell Policy Impedes Research, NIH Chief Says

Key senator applauds Zerhouni's "courageous" statement criticizing White House's 2001 policy.

Name-Calling and a Canceled Lecture

Prominent scientist blames Alan Dershowitz for getting his appearance at Harvard called off.

Why Women Leave Academic Medicine

Plenty of female basic scientists earn Ph.D.'s and start careers on medical school faculties, but barriers and unrealistic expectations make them flee in droves before they reach the pinnacle.

Under the Microscope

Texas A&M case involving late reporting of injuries to researchers has intensified attention paid to biolab safety.

The Federal Role in Biolab Oversight

GAO official and House subcommittee chairman cite dangers of adding more biodefense labs without increasing the capability to monitor them.

Dissecting the Biology Curriculum

Cornell U. task force floats a proposal that would replace the standard intro to biology course with more specialized courses for majors.

Improving Science Instruction -- in Iraq

As the only North American member of the Teacher Training Network for Iraq, U. of Alberta hosts Iraqi professors.

Academic Freedom and Evolution

As opponents of scientific consensus make free expression claims, a professor who wrote book to reconcile faith with evolution is banned from teaching general biology or having his book taught.

More Aggressive Guidance on Conflicts of Interest

2 groups urge universities that engage in biomedical research to adopt policies on institutional conflicts within two years and toughen standards on individual financial interests.

See Ben Stein's Movie

Historically, if a front in the culture wars didn't originate on a college campus, its battles eventually reached the ivory tower one way or another.


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