Author discusses new book on merit and higher education

Author discusses his new book about how colleges admit and serve students.

Q&A with author of book on models for independent colleges

Dominican University of California president Mary Marcy talks about her recent book, The Small College Imperative, and about how the coronavirus has changed things.

Author discusses his book on the purpose of college

Johann Neem discusses his new book about the need to affirm -- and strengthen -- the liberal arts at a time when reformers are doubting their value and that of higher education.

Author discusses highly critical book about American colleges

Author discusses his new book, which is highly critical of American colleges.

North Carolina press seeks sustainable open-access model for monographs

A project that aims to slash the cost of producing monographs could help make more of them available to the public for free. But will scholars participate?

Students call for investigation of Arizona State partnership with Cengage

When an Arizona State professor accused the university of an unethical partnership with Cengage, the university denied it received grants from the company. But there was a financial relationship that wasn't revealed at the time. Students seek more details.

Herb Childress discusses his new book, 'The Adjunct Underclass'

Herb Childress's new book is a painful, necessary read for anyone looking to understand or empathize with the costs -- human and otherwise -- of higher ed's gig economy.

Librarians prepare to take a harder line with publishers

Inspired by University of California’s decision to drop its “big deal” with Elsevier, university librarians are laying the foundation to follow suit.

Author discusses new book defending the quality of American higher education

What if the critics are (mostly) wrong? Author discusses his new book about why American colleges and universities are stronger than many believe, even though they do face challenges.

Printer closures, paper shortages lead to delays for university publishers

Printer closures and paper shortages create scheduling headaches for academic authors and staff at university presses.


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