Business is booming for American for-profits in Brazil. Is that good?

Amid enrollment and revenue declines at home, American for-profit education companies have looked abroad, including to Brazil. But can -- and should -- Brazil's boom in proprietary education continue?

Laureate's growing global network of institutions

Laureate Education has quietly become an 800,000-student behemoth and a major player in global higher education. So what is the company, exactly?

Colleges seek collaborations with Brazil

Inspired by the scale of the Science Without Borders program, universities seize opportunities to expand partnerships in Brazil.

Brazil tries to encourage universities to reopen


Education minister suggests those who do will get more money.

Far-right government in Brazil slashes university funding, threatens cuts to philosophy and sociology

In the past 10 days, new president has proposed defunding philosophy and sociology departments and announced ideologically motivated cuts to federal university budgets.

Brazilian academics vow to resist threats to freedom


Campuses have been stormed by military police. Students are being encouraged to report on instructors.

Academics in Brazil worry about rise of right


Academics fear lack of support for research and for free expression.

Judith Butler discusses being burned in effigy and protested in Brazil

Outside a conference she helped organize, the noted philosopher and gender theorist was burned (as a witch) in effigy. She describes the opposition and the experience of being attacked in this way.

Debate over essay question and role of Brazil's admissions exam


A controversial question is both praised and criticized, drawing attention to the powerful role of a single test.

Controversy over Brazilian university's request to identify Israeli students


University in Brazil, acting at behest of pro-Palestinian groups, sought to compile information about students or employees from Israel on its campus.


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