British higher education faces tension over foreign student immigration

In stripping London Metropolitan of the right to sponsor international students, regulators cite "systemic failures." But the debate over the university's fate is entangled with larger debates about international students and immigration.


Admissions reforms unsettle British universities

Proposed reforms have some universities threatening to withdraw from centralized system.

Oxford and Cambridge both turn to bonds as major tool in finance


Cambridge follows Oxford in going big on borrowing. Is this a strategy to compete with wealthy American universities?

Report on email rant from British university's press officer


Leaked email provides insights into the thinking of a now former university spokesman about how critics of administrators could create "a blithering jelly of fear" at University College London.

British students don't know the terms with which the right-wing press criticizes them


Britain’s conservative press uses American rhetoric -- “snowflakes” and “trigger warnings” -- to describe British academe. But students there don’t even know the terms.

British university backs out of plans for California campus


Concept may have been the most ambitious plan by a foreign university to build a branch campus in the U.S.

Essay seeking to shape British conservative policy calls for higher level of educational attainment


Essay seeks to shape Conservative Party agenda.

Several countries launch campaigns to recruit research talent from U.S. and elsewhere

Britain, Canada, France and Germany all launch funding programs to recruit foreign researchers. Will they succeed in capitalizing on perceptions of the U.S. as a less attractive place for research?

British university criticized for requiring professors to apply to keep jobs


Open letter calls plan and its timing “bizarrely thoughtless and ignorant.”

New government system rates British universities on student outcomes and teaching


Controversial effort sorts universities into gold, silver and bronze. Some prestigious institutions didn’t get gold.


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