Call for 'Consumer Revolution' in Britain

British students plan to launch a "consumer revolution" against a sector they see as unprepared for the consequences of marketization and high fees. The National Union of Students has demanded that sector-owned quasi-government entities be replaced by tough new regulators with the power to protect students from "collusion" on fee levels and to impose "genuine penalties" for malpractice and maladministration.

British Tuition Increases Win Key Vote

House of Commons approves plan -- as students protest outside and divisions are exposed in governing coalition.

Tuition Fallout in Britain

Government may be forced to regulate if too many institutions charge maximum.

British Cuts Become Clear

Even before the controversial tuition increases are instituted, universities will see sharp drops in government support.

Divide in Britain's Faculty Union

A battle for control of Britain's faculty union, the University and College Union, is under way, as a powerful leftist group plans a leadership challenge following a split over support for student protests.

The turmoil within the organization, which represents about 120,000 higher education staff, is evident in threats of strike action by the union's own staff, while Sally Hunt, general secretary, has said that union strategy is being directed by "bodies outside UCU."

Britain Considers Expansion in Online Learning

Government panel sees potential to become larger player in the international market and in the local market.

New Level of Collaboration in Britain

Two research universities will share some academic appointments, degree programs and overseas ventures.

Has the Anglo-American Academy Peaked?

A leading expert on international education warns that cutbacks in funding for British higher education could do long-term damage.

Britain Minimizes Controversial Measure of Research Impact

Factor will count for 20 percent in influential rankings, not 25 percent as originally suggested.

No Penalties for Missed Diversity Targets

British universities will not face sanctions if they fail to hit enrollment goals for low-income students under the country's new tuition structure.


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