Has the Anglo-American Academy Peaked?

A leading expert on international education warns that cutbacks in funding for British higher education could do long-term damage.

Britain Minimizes Controversial Measure of Research Impact

Factor will count for 20 percent in influential rankings, not 25 percent as originally suggested.

No Penalties for Missed Diversity Targets

British universities will not face sanctions if they fail to hit enrollment goals for low-income students under the country's new tuition structure.

Pay for Performance

Study commissioned by British government suggests that top university administrators have 10 percent of their salaries "at risk" -- depending on how well they do their jobs.

In Britain, a Call for Alumni on Boards

Report finds that history of "dispassionate" governance won't serve universities well in a new era.

Humanities at Risk in Britain

Major cuts are taking place at the universities most likely to serve low-income students.

Wrong Incentives for British Doctoral Programs?

Universities with low completion rates consider whether they are enrolling some foreign students without the necessary qualifications.

Wi-Fi Attendance

Students object to university's consideration of plan to monitor them through their ID cards.

New Doubts on For-Profits in Britain

Analysts consider the meaning of the markdown in value of Apollo unit.

Furor Over New British College

Institution promises star faculty and American-style liberal arts education, but skeptics have lots of questions.


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