New data show countries gaining and losing in European research competition


Scientists based in Britain win more grants than those of other countries. But Belgium, Germany, Israel and Switzerland have some boasting rights as well.

The grant targets for faculty members at British universities

Suicide of a researcher leads to more discussion of financial expectations on professors at British universities.

British universities prepare for American-style grade point averages

As American-style grade point averages cross the pond, the question remains whether a 4.0 can ever equal a "first."

Report says British universities have been too quick to limit free speech

Report finds plenty of restrictions in British higher education.

Article on the lessons of a botched rebranding effort by King's College London


Lessons for British universities (and others) from a controversial and now abandoned effort to rebrand King's College London.

Scottish universities start to embrace three-year undergraduate degrees


Scottish universities start to move toward three-year undergraduate degrees.

Report calls on British academics to be honest with Ph.D. students about career prospects

British professors urged to tell their graduate students that they can't assume a Ph.D. will translate into a "job for life."

Imperial College London investigates role of pressure in death of academic

Imperial College London will review policies after death of scholar who is believed to have felt his job was at risk due to failed grant applications.

Controversial dean at university in Wales stands by the tone of his remarks

The leader of a business school at a university in Wales is rebuked for his tone, but makes no apologies.

Can U. of Cambridge advance with a new area for graduate student housing, but without undergraduates?


Can elite university advance through massive new development with more research space and housing for academics, but without more undergraduates?


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