Budget Cuts

Challenging the Role of Student Affairs

Dramatic cuts at Texas Tech eliminate top administrative positions, streamline divisions and cause unrest.

'Triage' Funding for Community Colleges

As state budget deliberations unfold across the country, community colleges in some states appear to have been cushioned from the worst, facing cuts that — at least on the surface — are less severe than those to their four-year counterparts.

Rallying Back

Higher education union leaders vow to fight on, despite crushing losses in states.

More Peril for Pell

As Congressional Republicans lay out plan to slash trillions from the budget deficit in 2012 and beyond, need-based aid and research spending could face cuts.

Looking Beyond Themselves

Administrators and unions should work to restore “collective” to the notion of collective bargaining in higher education, conference participants say.

Return to the Silo

Over faculty objections, Temple is forcing its interdisciplinary programs into traditional disciplines.

Nevada Professors See Tenure Threat

Administrators could -- under a new code -- scuttle academic programs and tenured positions because of “adverse financial conditions.”

When the Well Runs Dry

A new report about how states divvied up stimulus money for education suggests looming problems for higher ed.

In for Nasty Weather

Is faculty life, as it once was, officially a relic?

They're Not Just Hiring Administrators

A new report might give pause to critics who accuse public colleges either of expanding their staffs willy-nilly or of responding to budget cuts by slashing spending in areas that hurt students.


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