Budget Cuts

Could Be Worse

As House leaders propose cuts in 2011 spending, programs important to colleges and students would fare comparatively well (so far).

The $10,000 Question

Higher ed experts give grade of incomplete to Texas governor's goal of four-year degrees at a very low cost.

Reversals in Wisconsin

Governor seeks major benefit cuts for all U. of Wisconsin employees -- and elimination of the newly won right of faculty and academic employees to unionize.

U. of Louisiana Weakens Tenure Rights

System wants flexibility to eliminate jobs -- even if institutions do not declare "financial exigency."

How to Train Your Draconian

During a talk to governors, Bill Gates might have sharpened the ax for politicians thinking of cutting humanities programs.

More Than Money

Scholars of collective bargaining in higher ed say wage gains from unions are minimal at four-year institutions, but significant at community colleges -- and that in both sectors, impact goes beyond pay.

In It Together in California

Faculty unions and the Los Rios and San Diego Community College Districts find labor harmony by basing contracts on shared revenue agreements.

Feeling the Heat to Retire

Senior faculty at Vermont state college say they were told to step aside or junior faculty would have to be let go.

At Albany, Half a Loaf or Crumbs?

Following storm of criticism over elimination of several language majors, university announces that French and Russian will survive as minors. Professors are dubious of university's commitment.

The Endgame Approaches

As Ohio's bill barring collective bargaining advances, a U.S. Senator calls it a "terrible mistake."


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