Keeping His Word on Science

President’s R&D budget boosts NSF and energy research, but NIH and other agencies tread water.

A Grilling for Spellings

Education secretary faces tough questioning from Senate appropriators on Bush budget for student aid and other programs.

A New Lobbying Year Begins

Facing uphill climb, student group rallies on Capitol Hill for increased spending on grants and student aid.

House Panel Takes Its Shots

A week after defending Bush education budget in Senate, Spellings endures a going-over in the other chamber.

Senate Ups the Ante

Budget blueprint offers more money for Education Department and NIH than President Bush proposed.

Big Vote on the U.S. Budget

Senate to consider $7 billion increase for education and health programs after rejecting bid to add $6.3 billion for Pell and voc ed.

Rare Budget Win for Colleges

Senate backs $7 billion increase in funds available for education and health spending -- mainly to undo previous cuts.

Tight Budget in the House

Spending blueprint would stick closely to Bush plan, but amendment to add funds for NIH and education is planned.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Watchdog group releases its annual report detailing “pork barrel projects.”

New Orleans Colleges Ask Congress for Help

Politicians offer ideas, but campus administrators focus on the tough realities they face.


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