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Advocates for more federal spending on basic research discovered a pleasant surprise in the 2009 budget proposal: a boost from the Department of Defense.

Margaret Spellings' Last Stand

She appeared for the final time before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies to defend President Bush's final education budget. And as farewell receptions go, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings' wasn't particularly warm.

"I don't know what you guys are smoking over there," said Rep. Dennis Rehberg of Montana.

Clarion Call for More NIH Funding

Six research universities and a teaching hospital warn of a "broken pipeline" for young researchers in the biomedical sciences.

Business as Usual on Earmarks

All 3 remaining presidential candidates back a moratorium, but many colleges still view such directed spending as legitimate.

Higher Ed Dips Into the Pork Barrel Again

Annual Pig Book report reveals some $17.2 billion in earmarked spending this fiscal year, with plenty of it to go around for higher education.

Major Expansion of Veterans' Tuition Aid Clears Big Hurdle

Despite a veto threat from President Bush and with the presumptive Republican candidate to replace him in absentia, the U.S. Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would dramatically enhance educational benefits for veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it did so, supporters of the measure were quick to note, by a margin (75-22) that could comfortably override the president's veto. The legislation will now go back to the House, which passed a parallel bill last month but failed to muster a similar veto-proof margin.

Boost Proposed for Science Education

House subcommittee approves appropriations increases for the National Science Foundation and other agencies, shifting emphasis to education from research.

Is This NIH's Year?

There's never enough money, it seems. Virtually every spring and summer, as Congress begins to allocate federal funds for the next fiscal year, lawmakers face some of their most vexing dilemmas in the bill that appropriates funds for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, which provides the bulk of federal domestic spending.

Documents and Collections at Risk?

Even as Congress moves to increase total budget for the humanities endowment, preservation programs face cuts, alarming scholars.

NIH's Billion-Dollar Boost Gains Ground

There are many miles (and, more literally, possibly several months) to go before the federal budgeting process for the 2009 fiscal year is complete, and therefore much could change. But based on the initial signs, the latest of which came Tuesday when a Senate appropriations subcommittee drafted a spending bill for education, health and labor programs, the National Institutes of Health appears to be in line for the sort of hefty increase that biomedical research advocates have been begging for. Most student aid programs, however, would receive no new funds.


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