Mar 05, 2021
Citing budget issues, John Carroll University fundamentally alters tenure -- to the point that professors say it and academic freedom no longer exist.


September 7, 2012
Federal spending on the biggest student grant program surprisingly declines by $2.2 billion, even as numbers of recipients increased. But a sword still hangs over the program.
July 12, 2012
Education is one of the few enterprises that guarantee a positive return -- and as such, argues Mehdi Maghsoodnia, should be the top priority for government spending.
June 15, 2012
U.S. research universities' global dominance will be threatened in coming years unless governments invest more and universities become more efficient and better educate under-represented groups, according to new National Research Council report.
May 11, 2012
House-passed bill, driven by concerns about “meritless” research, would bar National Science Foundation from spending funds on political science research.    
March 29, 2012
Saying now is not the time to cut back on higher ed, the U.S. education secretary testifies before a House committee.
March 23, 2012
Testifying before Congress on the administration's budget proposals, the education secretary fends off bipartisan questioning about new higher education programs.
March 21, 2012
A proposal announced Tuesday would cut Pell Grants and make student loans appear more costly on federal balance sheets.
February 13, 2012
Community colleges would get $8 billion over the next 3 years, the maximum Pell Grant would increase, and some research funding would grow in the president's proposed budget for higher education programs.
December 16, 2011
A budget compromise would slightly increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and change eligibility for the largest federal grant program for college students.
November 22, 2011
The Congressional "super committee" announced Monday that it could not agree on deficit reduction, setting the stage for automatic spending cuts in 2013.


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