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Tied to bishop scandal, Wheeling Jesuit chairman steps down months after exigency

Wheeling Jesuit board chair steps down in wake of confidential report revelations. But the timing of the departure -- and major changes at the university -- leave some wondering what might have been.

Two Canadian colleges to share academic programs to save students and their government money

Two Canadian colleges agree to share academic programs with each other at no charge -- to save their government money and speed their ability to offer new offerings to students.

DePauw to shrink by laying off dozens of staff and offering buyouts to 100 faculty members

Facing flat enrollment and strained annual budgets, DePauw University will tap endowment to finance layoffs for dozens of staff members and hefty voluntary retirement packages for a graying faculty.

Presidents skeptical that some colleges closing can help others survive

Experts worry college closings hurt the overall ecosystem more than they help competitors. Past examples show enrollment boosts can be small after a nearby college shuts down, but some institutions can still strengthen themselves with savvy moves.

College endowments returned 8.2 percent in 2018; annual survey adds some insight into how funds are spent

Returns fell by a third in 2018 but were still positive, according to survey. Questions rise over how wealthy and poor institutions are spending diverging gains. Plus list of the largest endowments.

State support for higher ed rises 3.7 percent, improves over 2017

Latest annual survey finds state support for higher education rose 3.7 percent in fiscal year 2018-19, up from just 1.6 percent the previous year.

A year after tax law changes, new guidance still rolling out for colleges

Colleges have more information about complying with the new tax law than they did a year ago. That means new bookkeeping practices, new taxes on highly paid employees and, maybe, eliminating reserved parking spaces.

Under-the-radar USDA lending provides big boost for financially pressed colleges

A U.S. Department of Agriculture program has provided $1.7 billion in grants and low-cost loans to struggling rural colleges and universities in the last three years. That raises questions about who closes and who gets to stay open.

Newbury College provides early notice in closing announcement

Newbury College announces early that it is closing, avoiding mistakes other colleges have made.

Why is Bennett College losing accreditation while St. Augustine's University is keeping it?

Bennett College will have to appeal to keep its accreditation, while St. Augustine's was taken off probation. Although the historically black institutions' fates may be different, both struggled under the same pressures.


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