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Education Department fines Temple $700,000 in rankings scandal

Education Department says the university's business school lied to U.S. News repeatedly -- to gain No. 1 spot in online rankings and to attract students.

Harvard and Chicago freeze M.B.A. tuition increases

Harvard and Chicago business schools freeze M.B.A. tuition.


Removal of USC business school dean prompts outrage and questions

At University of Southern California, some donors and trustees join with students and professors to demand that dean be kept in his job. Rancor is so intense that trustees have gone public with anger over dismissal.


Cornell MBA students vote for grade nondisclosure in recruitment

Cornell joins the growing number of highly selective institutions whose business schools have adopted nondisclosure policies concerning grades and recruitment.


Income inequality subject of wider academic inquiry

At religiously affiliated universities, professors tackle the issue of income inequality.


Temple ousts business dean after report finds online M.B.A. program for years submitted false data for rankings

Temple reveals that scandal over false information submitted for rankings of its online M.B.A. was much broader than earlier known. Dean, found to have dismantled system for checking accuracy of data, is ousted.


Chicago's proposed undergraduate business major was short-lived

Chicago's proposed undergraduate business major was short-lived, but the economics faculty found a way to save it, as a new "track."


Questions continue to arise about data Temple provided for rankings on which it excelled

Were four years of top ratings from U.S. News based on incorrect data?

University of Wisconsin ‘Considering Future’ of M.B.A. Program

Potential changes at University of Wisconsin at Madison prompt discussion about future of a degree program once seen as secure.


Deans see challenges for off-campus E.M.B.A. programs in the United States

Executives, with financial support from their companies, once paid top dollar for special versions of the M.B.A. hosted by business schools at far-flung urban locations. Support is dwindling, and online competition growing, challenging what had been a source of revenue for some schools.



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