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Faculty panel throws roadblock at plan for 'self-sufficiency' in UCLA b-school

Key faculty panel issues scathing report that could stand in the way of UCLA business school's controversial "self-sufficiency" plan -- an idea that critics view as privatization.

Deans of Indian origin proliferate at top U.S. business schools

Why are so many deans of the top U.S. business schools of Indian descent? The answers might lie in the changing world order.

Harvard Business School ends third round of admissions decisions

Move shifts away from practices of other top M.B.A. programs.

Texas Christian is latest business school to lose ranking over incorrect data

Texas Christian submitted incorrect data on GMAT scores.

GMAT, facing competition from GRE, cuts time of test by 30 minutes

Change comes amid increased competition from the GRE.

New data suggest more erosion in demand for M.B.A. programs but gains for master's programs

New data suggest one-year programs in finance and related fields may be poised for gains.

New ranking by 'FT' raises question of how women can judge a business school

New rankings by FT raise questions about how female applicants view M.B.A. programs.

Two journals experiment with 'registered reports,' agreeing to publish articles based on their design and potential significance, not their results


Two major journals experiment with "registered reports," agreeing to publish articles based on their design and potential significance, not their results. Could this be a model for others, and one solution to the reproducibility crisis?

Dutch business school criticized over ties to Shell

A leading Dutch business school is accused of giving influence over the curriculum and admissions to an oil company.

Experts respond to proposal to reform b-school rankings

A research paper renews the debate over who is really helped by rankings. Experts weigh in on the arguments.


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