Campaign 08

Democratic Hopefuls Add to Higher Ed Platforms

Clinton focuses on college preparation and outreach for disadvantaged; Edwards proposes savings plans.

Clinton's College Plan

Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front runner for president in 2008, unveiled a college aid plan Thursday that would pour $8 billion a year in new funds into an expanded tuition tax credit, bigger Pell Grants, support for community colleges, and work force training, among other things. It would also require public colleges to set multiyear tuition rates to help families better plan to pay for college and compel them to publish information about the employment rates and earnings of their students upon graduation (proposals that even the Spellings Commission might love).

Historians Team Up to Back Obama

In unusual move for this stage of a campaign, scholars join those issuing endorsements and trying to rally support.

Does Clinton Have Copyright Problem?

University of Richmond holds the trademark on "Solutions for America," the name for many of her campaign events.

Theses are Forever

The presidential campaign has turned some work by college seniors into fodder for public debate. Some have mixed feelings about the scrutiny of such early academic writings.

Business as Usual on Earmarks

All 3 remaining presidential candidates back a moratorium, but many colleges still view such directed spending as legitimate.

Fleeting Glimpse at Higher Ed Policy Come January

Discussion of presidential candidates' education platforms skimps on specifics on college issues, but is critical of teacher preparation programs.

The 2008 Republican Party Platform

The document, adopted on Monday, details presumptive nominee John McCain's possible approach to community colleges, financial aid, distance education, Title IX and other issues.

The RNC: Politics vs. the Scholarly View

As Margaret Spellings hinted at what to expect from a President McCain, scholars fanned out to record the views of two important players in the Republican political drama: delegates and protesters.

Warning for College Student Voters

Many criticize a county official's message to Virginia Tech voters as alarmist and misleading. But he says he just wants students to know the possible cons of voting in their college town.


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