Campus closures

Colleges reverse decisions to open in person

COVID-19 spread prompts many colleges to reverse plans to bring students back to their physical campuses.

It's not so much when colleges reopen -- it's also how

Colleges face a host of daunting considerations, beyond testing for coronavirus infection, when it comes to reopening.

Students in off-campus housing struggle to make rent

Students say they need rent relief from off-campus housing providers refusing to release them from leases during the coronavirus pandemic.

Colleges lay groundwork for fall, with or without pandemic

Everyone's asking what happens in the fall. Nothing is firm, but some colleges are telegraphing their intentions.

Universities store student items left in dorms over the summer

Colleges are clearing out student dorms to make room for patients and health-care workers as the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals. The process has not gone smoothly for students.

Two small colleges winding down operations as coronavirus impact looms over higher ed

The San Francisco Art Institute will not admit any new students. MacMurray College will close its doors permanently. Both cite the coronavirus outbreak as contributing to financial challenges that were already growing.

Colleges go pass/fail to address coronavirus

As classes move online, some colleges are choosing to go pass/fail to relieve student stress. Is that the right move?

As colleges confronting coronavirus tell students to move out, many urge attention to the needs of vulnerable students

Student advocates say coronavirus-related directives to move off campus threaten to reinforce existing inequalities and put disproportionate burdens on low-income and international students, among others.

Why are some colleges closing over virus concerns while others stay open?

A growing number of colleges and universities close or cancel in-person classes while others keep running as usual. Why are institutions responding differently?

Harvard, Cornell, MIT and others ask students to leave campus due to coronavirus

A roundup of how the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on higher education.


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