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Budget cuts will drive federal policy on for-profits, Gunderson says

Budget woes will trump ideology in for-profit policy debate, says industry trade group's chief, who calls for members to reduce reliance on federal revenue.

Barriers to competency-based education may be lifting, panel says

Competency-based education is all the rage, except that no college has yet to go all-in. Panel discusses why, with Education Department official promising that feds won't stand in the way.


U.S. appeals court issues mixed decision on for-profit challenge to rules

Federal appeals court weighs in on for-profit group's challenge to tightened Education Department rules, siding partially with industry on marketing-related regulation but upholding most of lower court decision.

Taking stock of the completion agenda's benefits, and limits

Community college leaders say "completion agenda" has been good for the sector, even when painful, but they worry that the focus could have unintended consequences if it becomes a fixation.


Community college association calls for change from within

Major report from community college association sets broad goals for the sector, but is couched in familiar terms.

Differential tuition grows in popularity, even at community colleges

Despite the uproar over Santa Monica, differential tuition has become normal at many public universities and is making inroads in community colleges.

Rasmussen College Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better

With a focus on job training and steady growth, Rasmussen College may look more like a local college than a for-profit


For-profit-college group taps Steve Gunderson as next president

For-profit-college group will name Steve Gunderson as its new president. The former Republican congressman has a reputation as a bridge-builder and strong ties to traditional higher education.


ConAgra recruits nontraditional students for IT internship

In an era of supposed vocationalism, the technology internship program at one large food company in Nebraska seeks out biologists, journalists and marketers.

For-profits should get ahead of accountability push, experts say

Panelists at for-profit association meeting say industry should get ahead of accountability push by measuring student outcomes and making them public.


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