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Rescue Mission or Hostile Takeover?

Deal rescues Myers U., and leads to ouster of president who spent a day in jail as agreement was worked out.

No More Study Hall?

New federal rule relaxes 2006 restrictions on student welfare recipients -- including stipulation on supervised homework -- but experts say barriers to access remain.

When State Oversight Ceases

Temporary law providing some measure of supervision of California's for-profit colleges expires. The search for a new regulatory system is still stalled.

The New Exit Exam ... for Jobs

As more states and employers embrace Career Readiness Certificates, many community colleges shift role in job training and adopt new forms of testing.

The Ticktock of the Welfare Clock

Proposed legislation would allow recipients to count up to 2 years of postsecondary education as "work," up from the current limit of 1 year.

A Compromise Voc-Ed Bill Emerges

House-Senate conference committee votes to keep Tech-Prep program separate from state grants under Perkins program.

Preparing for the New Perkins Program

Changes in main U.S. career and technical education program largely reinforce trends already under way at community colleges.

Helping Communities Prepare Workers

Report examines key role of 2-year colleges in "career pathways" model of training employees for key local industries.

Profiling the Certificate Student

They are young, career-oriented and not necessarily in it for personal enrichment, a survey finds.

A City Refills Its Plate

After losing a popular arts and culinary university, Charleston, S.C., recruits another institution to fill the void.


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