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Beauty School Drop-Ins

Texas community college bucks trend of shying away from cosmetology programs by opening a new school — with corporate ties.

Should Everyone Go to College?

Experts say everyone should have access to higher education, assuming the term is broadly defined.

The Research at the Summit

Scholars contributed overviews on job training to the White House meeting on community colleges.

Be Their Guest

Investigation into U. of Tennessee's football recruiting practices raises questions about the continued presence of "hostesses" -- female students responsible for entertaining recruits -- on some campuses.

Where For-Profit and Nonprofit Meet

Princeton Review looking to expand program offering Massachusetts community colleges accelerated health science degree programs to students willing to pay more.

The Rise of the 'Edupunk'

NEW YORK -- The “Edupunks” will inherit the Earth … or at least some attention.

Those in higher education who continue hand-wringing over the relative merits of online learning and other technology-driven platforms will soon find themselves left in the dust of an up-and-coming generation of students who are seeking knowledge outside academe. Such was an emerging consensus view here Monday, as college leaders gathered for the TIAA-CREF Institute's 2010 Higher Education Leadership Conference.

The Certificate Solution

New analysis suggests increased emphasis on non-degree training may be key to getting more Americans the postsecondary education they need to land jobs.

How to Train Your Draconian

During a talk to governors, Bill Gates might have sharpened the ax for politicians thinking of cutting humanities programs.

Limited Education Behind Bars

Restricted Internet access and inadequate government funding hinder postsecondary programs in prisons and increase recidivism, report says.

Community College Venture Sold

Princeton Review unloads business line that delivers academic programs to two-year institutions seeking to build enrollments.


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