Governance dispute at Saint Anselm College pits members of the founding religious order against the board

A lawsuit at Saint Anselm is centered on the question of powers held by members of the religious order versus those held by the Board of Trustees.


Tied to bishop scandal, Wheeling Jesuit chairman steps down months after exigency

Wheeling Jesuit board chair steps down in wake of confidential report revelations. But the timing of the departure -- and major changes at the university -- leave some wondering what might have been.


Roman Catholic colleges are rescinding honors to bishops involved in sex abuse scandal

Roman Catholic colleges are rescinding honorary degrees and renaming buildings in response to grand jury investigation into sex abuse and cover-ups. Marquette's former president asks that building honoring him be renamed.


Some professors fear Catholic colleges are ignoring call by the pope to focus less on abortion and homosexuality


New pontiff has suggested that church leaders focus less on abortion and homosexuality. So recent actions at Roman Catholic colleges have faculty members wondering if administrators missed the latest from Rome.


Catholic college reverses course on covering contraception

The Catholic college, which made headlines by eliminating the coverage for employees, changes course.

Tensions over social issues front and center at several Catholic colleges

Several colleges have seen heightened tensions in recent months over how much church teachings should dictate college policies.


At conservative Wyoming Catholic College, students read great books and ride horses

A conservative Catholic college in Wyoming educates students in great books, horsemanship and other outdoors skills and bans cellphones on campus. It also turned down federal funding.


Survey asks how prospective students and their parents view Catholic colleges

Survey of prospective students and their parents offers insight into how they view Roman Catholic colleges. Many are open to them but generally aren't choosing institutions because of their Catholic character.

Santa Clara U. faculty object to change in health plans to deny abortion coverage

Santa Clara U.'s Faculty Senate has deemed the administration's new exclusion of elective abortions from insurance coverage "invalid," and wants the Board of Trustees to take up the matter.

British theologian uninvited from University of San Diego

A British theologian is asked not to be a visiting fellow at the University of San Diego, after her views on social issues draw criticism.


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