Churchill controversy

'Not the Right Kind of Indian'

The case of William C. Bradford isn't quite what it seems, but it has riled up plenty of people in Indiana.

Fallout at Hamilton

College cuts budget of center that invited Ward Churchill; controversial professor offends again -- this time with comments on "fragging."

Another (Short-Term?) Win for Ward Churchill

Committee studying misconduct allegations rejects another set of charges, but serious accusations remain.

The Culture Wars of 2005

Many experts think the '80s fights over curriculum were nothing compared to today's battles over Iraq, patriotism, God and evolution.

David Horowitz vs. Ward Churchill

It was billed as academe’s royal rumble, but did it live up to the hype?

Making the Case for Tenure

Independent review offers upbeat assessment of U. of Colorado's practices and says public misunderstands tenure's value.

The Ward Churchill Verdict

Faculty panel in Colorado finds multiple instances of "deliberate" misconduct, including falsification and plagiarism, but professors split on whether he should be fired.

Truth and Consequences

Faculty inquiry finding misconduct by Ward Churchill also faults his university -- and leaving fate uncertain, is sure to stoke more debate.

Colorado Moves to Fire Churchill

For first time in saga over controversial professor, administration seeks his ouster.

Investigation Over 9/11 Teachings

Wisconsin orders inquiry after instructor shares controversial views on radio show, and suggests he will include them in class.


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