College administration

New research provides detailed data better explaining college teaching costs

New research points to differentials in faculty pay and class size.

Leaders of journalism schools have condemned Trump's attacks on the press

After remaining fairly silent about Trump's repeated attacks on the press, journalism school leaders are starting to speak up.

Iowa Wesleyan could become latest small college to close

Iowa Wesleyan warns students and faculty members that it may not open for spring semester without infusion of funds.

When institutions look to teaching loads instead of academic program cuts in the face of budget shortfalls


At one campus doing so, many adjuncts will lose positions, but departments aren't being eliminated.

More budget cuts and tuition hikes at U of the Pacific lead to student and faculty unrest

Budget controversies prompt complaints of censorship of protest boulders, demands for more financial information, questions about athletic deficits and demands for president's resignation.

Controversial spouses of college presidents can hurt image of the president and the university

Wisconsin Whitewater is latest university to find a presidential spouse can become a campus liability. Even on campuses without controversies, partners face heightened scrutiny.

E-scooters are causing safety and accessibility headaches on campuses

Students love them, but many campuses are struggling to regulate scooters and are impounding them.

Gallup survey finds falling confidence in higher education

Gallup finds unusually large drop -- primarily but not exclusively among Republicans -- between 2015 and 2018.

Catholic University suspends dean over tweet on one of Kavanaugh's accusers

His social media posts raise questions of professional responsibility, sexism and free expression.

Former and current academics eye congressional seats

Three-time university president is running for Congress, as are several others who seek to move from halls of campus to halls of Congress.


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