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White paper: Debt, tuition dependence doom small colleges

Scholar looks at history of U.S. higher ed and finds that vulnerable colleges, most of them private, tend to close or merge when crisis pushes them "over the cliff."

College of New Rochelle announces that it will likely close this year

College of New Rochelle has been unable to recover from scandal involving false budgets and unpaid payroll taxes.

Opposition hardens against one college seeking to merge and another planning to close

Organizers want to fight for the future of Hampshire and Green Mountain Colleges. They've been in touch with those who prevented Sweet Briar from closing.

Green Mountain is latest small college to close

Green Mountain says it couldn't chart a path toward financial stability. This semester will be its last.

Michigan State board moves to oust interim president after a year of pressure and bad press

Board of Trustees pushes out interim president John Engler after nearly a year of tumult and eye-opening comments at Michigan State, including recent suggestion that some abuse victims enjoy "the spotlight."

Chapel Hill chancellor's departure comes as tensions at UNC continue boiling over

Carol Folt announces she has ordered removal of Confederate plaques and that she is stepping down. System board leader criticizes her actions.

A year after tax law changes, new guidance still rolling out for colleges

Colleges have more information about complying with the new tax law than they did a year ago. That means new bookkeeping practices, new taxes on highly paid employees and, maybe, eliminating reserved parking spaces.

New research provides detailed data better explaining college teaching costs

New research points to differentials in faculty pay and class size.

Leaders of journalism schools have condemned Trump's attacks on the press

After remaining fairly silent about Trump's repeated attacks on the press, journalism school leaders are starting to speak up.

Iowa Wesleyan could become latest small college to close

Iowa Wesleyan warns students and faculty members that it may not open for spring semester without infusion of funds.


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