College administration

Southern Illinois U appears prepared to oust system president

After email about strategy to "shut up the bitchers" on the faculty, Southern Illinois University's system president appears likely to be placed on leave. He expresses surprise at the plan.

New findings cast net more broadly on 'nontraditional' college presidents

New findings tweak "traditional" label for presidents, asking whether U.S. public colleges and universities these days are being led by more nonacademics than we think.

USC president will step down

With scandal over gynecologist's abuse of students growing, Southern California announces "orderly transition" just days after board leaders said they backed the president.

San Diego State's provost resigns suddenly, and an unusual email he wrote to a former professor surfaces

San Diego State's provost resigns suddenly, and an unusual email he wrote to a former professor surfaces.

Following latest scandal, professors demand firing of president of Southern Cal

He has "lost the moral authority to lead the university," says letter from 200 faculty members, in wake of latest scandal.

Timing and tone are key to a college president's response to controversial speakers on campus

Knowing when and how to publicly disavow and disagree with a campus speaker is a skill all college presidents need. Experts say timing and tone are key.

Education Department to revisit regulatory restrictions on religious colleges

Department offers few details in release of regulatory agenda, and some say review may be as much symbolic as substantive.

Chief diversity officer position is new path to presidency


Changing demographics and demands for inclusion on campuses open a nontraditional path to the presidency. But two recent appointees have been subject to anonymous email campaigns.

'Focus Fridays' at Alabama university offer four-day weeks

University of Mobile gives faculty and staff members the equivalent of Fridays off, with a 35-hour week that shifts classes to a Monday-Thursday schedule.

Lawsuit charges university fired its lawyer for investigating allegations of misconduct by president's son

Former general counsel says Ohio Christian fired him for investigating alleged misconduct -- including sexual harassment and racist and anti-Semitic statements by president's son. President and son then landed jobs at another university.


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