College administration

E-scooters are causing safety and accessibility headaches on campuses

Students love them, but many campuses are struggling to regulate scooters and are impounding them.

Gallup survey finds falling confidence in higher education

Gallup finds unusually large drop -- primarily but not exclusively among Republicans -- between 2015 and 2018.

Catholic University suspends dean over tweet on one of Kavanaugh's accusers

His social media posts raise questions of professional responsibility, sexism and free expression.

Former and current academics eye congressional seats

Three-time university president is running for Congress, as are several others who seek to move from halls of campus to halls of Congress.

New national survey finds generally positive views of higher education, but with weak points as well

National poll finds more appreciation of colleges than other surveys have. In some areas, including affirmative action, sexual assault and mental health, the public isn't impressed. Public institutions earn more confidence than private ones.

Another controversial policy proposal in Wisconsin would eliminate all programs based on number of majors

Another controversial policy proposal in Wisconsin would eliminate all programs with fewer than five majors annually, on average, if "remediation" didn't work. Faculty leaders see attempt to turn system into a "widget factory."

West Virginia U warns students, parents about rogue fraternities

West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee warns parents against fraternity chapters that say they will disaffiliate from the institution after new rules on Greek life.

Suspension of St. Lawrence graduate certification programs leaves some asking why

As many liberal arts colleges are urged to add graduate programs, St. Lawrence pulls back.

Faculty startled by abrupt resignation of chancellor at Rutgers flagship

Chancellor at Rutgers's flagship campus resigns after a year, an unusually short tenure at a university already juggling its share of changes.

Former Adrian College professor pleads guilty to hacking college email accounts

She's now an ex-professor. Adrian College's president, who had his emails downloaded, says he was targeted for reasons that remain unclear.


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