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Who Controls Community College Budgets?

In New York, state's highest court upholds word change that gives university system more authority and counties a little less.

New Presidents or Provosts: Adirondack CC, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, College of Staten Island, Diablo Valley College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U., Indiana U. at Bloomington, Michigan Tech U., Mohawk Valley CC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Karen Hanson, dean of the Hutton Honors College and Rudy Professor of Philosophy at Indiana University at Bloomington, has been promoted to provost and executive vice president there.
  • Ronald C.
  • Portrait of the College CFO

    Quality of life and influence in the institution matter most to chief financial officers -- far more than pay, survey finds.

    Of Tattoos, Naps and iPods in the Office

    Baby Boomer administrators share their observations and frustrations about working with and managing their "young" staffs.

    Peripatetic President

    Gordon Gee stuns Vanderbilt -- site of his fifth presidency -- by quitting to return to Ohio State, site of his third and soon-to-be sixth.

    Gee's Ironclad Contract

    Overstaying his welcome hasn't been a problem for E. Gordon Gee in his presidencies. But his new contract with Ohio State University, which last week lured him away from Vanderbilt University, is notable in part for its duration.

    Faculty Communication 101

    Christopher J. Loving, who runs leadership workshops for academic leaders, shares reasons why faculty relationships go sour.

    'Institutionalizing' Interdisciplinary Research

    As interest in interdisciplinary research continues to increase, colleges still don’t have answers to critical questions about the best ways to support and encourage collaboration across the disciplines. How can a department fairly evaluate interdisciplinary research in promotion and tenure decisions, for example? How can an institution raise money for interdisciplinary endeavors within a system designed to fund raise for individual schools and colleges?

    A Presidential Search Reclaimed

    Board chair at the College of Lake County was poised to quit trustee position to be named president -- but following faculty outrage, he reconsiders.

    Who Should Control Antioch?

    After announcing resignation, president of college calls for autonomy from university -- giving new force to governance debate.


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