College administration

Sharing or Plagiarizing?

President of Saint Louis U. used material for his opening homily from one last year by president of U. of San Francisco.

Presidents Who Are Scholars

New research suggests correlation between being a top researcher and getting a job leading a top university.

Promoting Green Campuses

Student activists and administrators announce plans to promote environmentalism.

Tulane Eliminates 243 Full-Time Jobs

University announces layoffs -- many of them fund raising positions -- as it evaluates plans to recover from Katrina.

Millions for American's Ex-President

Benjamin Ladner walked away from American University Monday night -- with millions of dollars.

Ladner -- president for 11 years -- was fired this month by American University's Board of Trustees amid reports of profligate spending. For the last two weeks, Ladner and board members have negotiated the financial terms of his departure, with faculty members and students expressing outrage over reports that he would receive a multi-million dollar settlement.

Newspaper Manager's Exit Spurs Concern at Emory

The surprise departure of the longtime general manager of Emory University’s student newspaper has journalists there accusing administration officials of trying to assert more control over the twice-weekly paper’s operations.

On Wednesday, Karen Salisbury, assistant dean for campus life and director of student activities at Emory, sent an e-mail to the editor of the Emory Wheel, Geoff Pallay,  indicating that Eileen Smith had resigned her position as the paper’s general manager. In that position, Smith helped students garner advertising revenue to fund the operations of the paper.

Faculty Revolt in Indiana

Amid aborted chancellor search, president faces growing criticism of his leadership -- or what some professors call a lack of it.

Pecking Order

Study explores why some top departments tend to hire people who earned Ph.D.'s at only a few institutions, while others cast a wider net.

Ouster at U. of California

University system's No. 2 official resigns amid investigation of hiring practices and possible conflicts of interest.

Belmont and Baptists Shift Relationship

University becomes latest to give up financial support so it can gain control of board appointments.


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