College administration

Comeback for Coke?

U. of Michigan abandons boycott. Its officials says the company agreed to real changes, but activists say the shift is a sham.

The Confidence Business

Faculty decry what they see as administrative hiring binge at Eastern Oregon University. 

A Costly Muhammad Cartoon

Administrator at Belmont University is out of a job after his political artwork gets attention.

A Career Ends at Syracuse

Charges of "egregious personal misconduct" lead a longtime faculty member to resign.

Keeping Students, Finding Money

Survey tracks concerns of presidents of community colleges.

Academics In Charge at B-Schools

Study shows that top business schools favor scholars when hiring deans.

Division at RPI

President Shirley Ann Jackson -- a national leader on science -- angers professors and students and barely wins no confidence vote.

Miami's Union Breakthrough

On Monday, after weeks of hunger striking and several trips to the hospital, janitors at the University of Miami saw their employer, UNICCO Service Company, and the union that wants to represent them, the Service Employees International Union, reach an agreement that could have them unionizing before fall semester.

A Sign of Change at Gallaudet

The world's only deaf university named a new president, and students who say their input was neglected are up in arms.

A Sobering Challenge

Lacrosse scandal leads Duke to try to change a broader culture of campus drinking. Is that realistic?


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