College costs/prices

How Much Does Price Matter?

A study of college access in one key state raises questions about the interplay of cost, race and geography.

Keeping Students, Finding Money

Survey tracks concerns of presidents of community colleges.

Small Grants, Big Impact

Modest bonuses improve academic success for community college students with significant need, study finds.

Pitching a Public Service Academy

Proposed university would offer students a free, four-year education with service obligations after graduation.

Overlooked Again -- Community Colleges and Science

NSF panel members are stunned to find impact of community colleges in producing math and science graduates.

Paying for College: Paper or Plastic?

To cut costs, some colleges are turning to a third-party vendor for transactions involving credit card tuition payments.

Mixed Bag for Higher Ed

House appropriations bill calls for $100 Pell Grant increase and level funding for programs White House proposed cutting.

A Better Look at Sports Budgets

NCAA plans new system for collecting and reporting athletics revenues and expenses -- though with limited public disclosure.

Wrangling Over Unit Records

A proposed federal database of students' academic records, supported by U.S. commission, isn’t a hit with the public, a survey finds.

Raising the Bar?

Houston Community College considers creating honors college and giving full scholarships to feed students into 4-year institutions.


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