College costs/prices

Democrats Unveil Affordability Plan

State block grants, restructured tax credit centerpieces of a proposal aimed at increasing access to college.

More Than a Penny Saved

Textbook plan at Camden County College could amount to substantial savings for students.

Throwing Down the Book

Publishers' group catches a key mistake by group that says textbook prices are too high.

Debunking Conventional Wisdom on Debt

Public/private status and tuition rates don't necessarily predict which students will borrow the most, study finds.

Mediocre Grades for Colleges

"Report card" on higher education finds U.S. trailing other countries -- with cost of attendance growing as problem for families.

The Harvard Effect

Now that the country's most visible university has decided to do away with early admissions, will anyone else follow?

Textbooks, Barriers and Aid Forms

Federal advisory panel hears testimony on a range of topics relating to college access and affordability.

No Free Lunch

Study says there is a simple way to increase (or decrease) graduation rates: increase (or decrease) state appropriations.

Poor Grades for Saving

Parents have high hopes for their children earning scholarships -- and modest expectations for adding to college funds.

Statehouse Races and Higher Ed

Candidates in many of this year's 36 gubernatorial elections are campaigning on costs, access and other college issues.


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