College costs/prices

Pell Grants Down, Tuition Up

Decline in key program for poor is among worrisome aid trends in annual survey on college costs, which again outpace inflation.

Recessions That Never End

Most states still haven't restored funding levels in real dollars to where they were before 2001 downturn, report says.

Textbook Report -- a New Edition

Report chides publishers for alleged role in limiting the used book market.

Turning Blue from College Costs

A partisan pollster said that young voters think Democrats can better confront the college affordability crunch.

Spending Limits Rejected

States turn away from caps that have led to appropriations cuts for colleges; many bond plans win approval, with huge California measure ahead.

A Fee That Is Not a Fee

Strapped for cash to pay for faculty and constrained by lawmakers from raising tuition, president of U. of Florida devises a $1,000 academic “charge.”

Right Under Her Nose?

Margaret Spellings says higher ed must change because parents can't find basic information. What if it exists -- often on her own Web site?

Tough Questions for Transfer Students

Researchers find that the quality of lower division courses may have more impact than students realize.

Ph.D.'s in Debt

So much for the idea that stipends pay for graduate school. As deans gathered in Washington for the annual meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools, one topic of concern buzzing through the air was how much borrowing students must do these days.

An Outline with Few Details

Incoming chair of House education committee addresses -- quite generally -- higher ed issues for the year ahead.


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