Commencement speakers

University of Michigan students displeased there's no graduation speaker

Some students at the University of Michigan are unhappy that the administration is eschewing tradition by not booking a central graduation speaker, instead focusing on the institution's bicentennial.

Notre Dame, known for commencement speeches by new presidents, invites Pence

University typically invites first-year presidents to give commencement address. Amid debate over whether to invite current president, vice president gets the nod, with praise for his “reserved dignity.”

Bradley University forgoes guest commencement speakers

Bradley U announces it will no longer have outside commencement speakers. Leaders hope to avoid controversy, cut costs and keep everyone awake.

Colleges stay away from controversy with this year's commencement speakers

Colleges whose commencement speaker picks drew protests last year have opted to invite less controversial figures for this year's ceremonies.

Matthew McConaughey's pricey commencement speaker fee 'not out of the norm'

News of what the University of Houston will pay the actor Matthew McConaughey renews the debate about the expense of celebrities at graduation.

Substitute commencement speakers say everyone lose out in protests

Stepping into the breach for college commencement speakers sidelined by protests, retired university leaders defend importance of debate -- and one calls protesters "immature" and "arrogant."

Colleges announce commencement speakers

  • Bentley University: Ronald O’Hanley, president and chief executive officer of State Street; and Robert Quinn, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.
  • Bunker Hill Community College: Carlos E. Santiago, Massachusetts commissioner of higher education.

Law professor returns for commencement speech at Macalester College

Macalester College's graduating class will hear a commencement speaker this year who also addressed them during their freshman year. Officials say the encore speech brings the students’ educational journey full circle.

Colleges announce commencement speakers

Colleges announce commencement speakers


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