Mammoth Faculty Strike Looms

California State U. administration, professors' union at odds over pay and a range of other issues.

Encouraging Faculty Retirements

More colleges offer incentives for tenured professors to end careers -- sometimes through gradual shift away from full-time work, report finds.

Strike Halts 2-Year College's Classes

Classes at the Community College of Philadelphia were suspended indefinitely Tuesday morning as picketers gathered at building entrances for the start of a faculty and staff strike.

Should U.S. News Make Presidents Rich?

Arizona State's Mike Crow has a new contract -- with $60,000 riding on his institution's ranking going up.

Hedging Its Bets on the Lottery?

Commercial linking the University of Iowa to state gambling raises concerns for faculty members and the NCAA.

A Raise for the Record Books

SUNY Albany nanoscience chief and professor sees his salary increase -- by $142,000, to about $667,000.

How a Strike Was Averted

Faculty union and state university system in Pennsylvania reach an agreement that raises salaries -- and insurance premiums.

UC System Chief to Step Down

President of the University of California, Robert C. Dynes, will resign in 10 months, a year after weathering a major compensation scandal.

A Prominent Public Targets Faculty Retention

UC Berkeley receives a $113 million gift to help keep some of its top professors from raids by private universities -- and stem a problem facing many of its peers.

Helping the College, or Just Themselves?

Trustees at a California community college vote to expand health coverage to all board members -- but faculty and staff, many without benefits, voice dissent.


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