Faint Echoes of 1995

Amid latest steps in this year's complex budget battle, college leaders go on the offensive.

'Cuts' or 'Savings' for Student Loans?

They argued about numbers. They debated definitions. They challenged each other's "facts."

Senate Backs Budget for NIH, Student Aid

In lean year for colleges, measure would sustain key programs but provide few increases beyond biomedical research.

Congress Acts on Budget Bills

Legislation to cut billions in mandatory spending advanced in both chambers.

House Plan to Cut Loan Programs Stalls

Republican leaders lack votes, for now, on budget package that would slash $14.3 billion from lenders and students.

Adding Up the Damage

To make the case for U.S. aid, higher ed groups tally cost of colleges' Katrina cleanup: over $2 billion.

Bad Budget News for College Programs

Compromise spending bill would keep maximum Pell Grant at $4,050 and freeze most other student aid programs.

House Rejects Education Budget Bill

22 Republicans vote with Democrats on measure that college groups staunchly opposed, but alternatives  are unpleasant.

Lenders Speak Out Against Cuts

Letter to lawmakers says reductions in student loan programs would hurt students and lenders alike, limiting access to college.

The Supremes Scrutinize Solomon

Justices seem inclined to uphold law that bars federal funds to campuses that restrict military recruiters.


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