Painful Weekend in Congress

Bills contain mostly bad tidings for colleges and students, especially on loans, but funds may surface for science grants and Katrina-damaged colleges.

Senate Passes Budget Bill -- But...

A tumultuous day may only delay passage of budget and other bills that college groups generally dislike.

Aid and Appeals on Foreign Languages

At presidents' summit, Bush administration officials propose Fulbright expansion and ask colleges for help.

Is Higher Ed Act Renewal Dead?

Momentum to enact key legislation may be undercut by budget measure and political climate on Capitol Hill.

The Gift Colleges Don't Want

It is supposed to be a boon for colleges and students, the one major provision in federal legislation to reduce the budget deficit that makes it easier for higher education to swallow the unpalatable parts of the bill that cut benefits to students. After all, the proposed program would provide $3.75 billion in grant aid for students, a rare injection of new federal funds into higher education at a time of fiscal austerity and budget slashing.

Budget Outlook for 2007? Bleak

As federal budget process gears up, Congressional aides anticipate more cuts to college-related programs.

The President Discovers Science

In State of the Union address, Bush proposes doubling spending on basic research in physical sciences over a decade.

She Got Game

Supporters of women's sports bash Education Department shift that they say weakens Title IX.

After the State of the Union

Colleges applaud Bush effort to boost basic research, but await details on which agencies will gain -- and which might lose.

A Grilling for Spellings

Education secretary faces tough questioning from Senate appropriators on Bush budget for student aid and other programs.


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