Maintain State Spending. Or Else.

Policy makers lobby against a Higher Education Act provision that would withhold some federal funds from states that don't sustain college appropriations.

Scrutiny From Many Sides

Discussion of nonprofit tax issues suggests that IRS, Congress and others plan busy season of review of colleges' spending and governance practices.

Gauging the New GI Bill

As Congress and White House agree on big boost in educational benefits, officials wonder if veterans will alter their college choices.

Senate Strands Study Abroad Bill

Widely supported legislation to enhance international education is entangled in symbolic debate on Capitol Hill.

The Ticktock of the Welfare Clock

Proposed legislation would allow recipients to count up to 2 years of postsecondary education as "work," up from the current limit of 1 year.

The RNC: Politics vs. the Scholarly View

As Margaret Spellings hinted at what to expect from a President McCain, scholars fanned out to record the views of two important players in the Republican political drama: delegates and protesters.

Watching Endowments, Not Legislating Over Them

Lawmakers keep up their drive to get colleges to spend more of their funds, while higher education leaders continue to push back against any new law.

Grave Concerns on the New GI Bill

At Congressional hearing, lawmakers grill the Department of Veterans Affairs on its outsourcing plans, and question whether it will meet its tight timetable for implementing the program.

As Democrats Strengthen Grip on Congress, Key GOP Lawmaker Ousted

Night of few changes in legislative balance of power on higher education issues fells Ric Keller, strong Republican advocate for Pell Grants.

A Piece of the Stimulus Pie

With U.S. government planning massive infusion of funds to spur economy, college groups offer ideas, common and conflicting, for how higher ed can help the country (and vice versa).


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