Deal for Michigan and Its Grad Students

With strike looming, university and teaching assistants compromise on pay, benefits and other issues.

Playing Defense and Offense

Leaders of the AFT's college unions plan opposition to David Horowitz, cooperation with the NEA, and new organizing efforts.

Outsourcing the Faculty

Professors at Delaware State say the university is trying to create a distance education program in which they will play no role.

Strike at U. of California

Thousands of research and technical employees stage a one-day walkout.

Losing at the Rate of Inflation

Clerical workers at the University of California strike -- after two years of stagnant wages.

Florida's Faculty Free-for-All

When Florida overhauled its higher education system to shift power from the State Board of Regents to boards of trustees at individual campuses in 2003, it invalidated the employment contract between the regents and the statewide union that represented 10,000 professors, throwing academic labor relations into disarray.

Away From Their Desks

With classes about to start, Youngstown State has one union on strike -- and the faculty union may soon join the picket lines.

Get in Line for the Picket Line

As faculty members join classified employees, 70% of Youngstown State workers on strike.

Back to Class at Youngstown State

Faculty union ratifies contract late Sunday, and deal is struck with classified staff, too.

A Labor-Management Deal on Health Care

At Michigan State, 9 unions have agreed to link their salary increases to the university's costs in paying for insurance.


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