Minnesota Strike Ends, and Offer Goes to Workers

Employees at University of Minnesota will vote on the proposed contract and return to work, despite what union calls "unfair" offer.

Stalemate for Pace U. Adjuncts

Three years after part-time professors won recognition for their union, they don't have a contract.

Debating the Merits of Merit Pay

After faculty dispute, Towson compromises on how to distribute raises, while Temple attempts to shift entirely to "pay per performance."

A Tradeoff Worth Making

To "put students first," Milwaukee technical college unions voluntarily forgo annual pay raise rather than take furloughs; in exchange, administration commits to no layoffs for two years.

The Price of Wage Concessions

Faculty agreement to delay raises at Rutgers came with the realities of the recession and specific pledges on working conditions and financial transparency.

The Curious 'Sexual Harassment' Charge

East Georgia College has dropped an unspecified sexual harassment charge against an English professor who, ironically, had openly criticized the lack of protections for the falsely accused in its sexual harassment policy.

Strike Begins at Illinois

The Graduate Employees Organization walks out as contract negotiations hit a snag. Students say tuition waivers are threatened; administrators say they plan no changes.

Strike Looms at CUNY

Professional Staff Congress, representing 85 employees at the City University of New York Research Foundation, is likely to walk out over health care, raises.

Second Opinion

With trust in short supply, increasingly skeptical faculty and students turn to independent auditors to analyze the state of university budgets.

Post-Union Disunion

After collective bargaining vote at Bowling Green State, trustees eliminate faculty committees and limit professors' roles in other governance areas. Is it necessary or retaliatory?


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