Court rulings

Federal appeals court revives Title IX suit by male student challenging sex assault finding

Federal appeals court finds enough evidence of possible antimale bias to revive a lawsuit. Ruling could inspire more litigation.


U.S. Extends Work Program for Some International Students

After a legal challenge -- still on appeal -- U.S. issues new rule extending the time some international students can work after graduation.


HathiTrust continues string of victories under 'fair use' doctrine in appeals court

The digital repository HathiTrust scores another victory as a federal appeals court rules its practices fall under the "fair use" doctrine.


Supreme Court upholds right of state voters to bar consideration of race in admissions

Supreme Court finds that Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges from considering the use of race in admissions.


Supreme Court Sides Against Textbook Publishers on Resale of Imported Works

Supreme Court rules against textbook publisher's effort to prevent resale of cheaper imported textbooks.


With HathiTrust ruling, universities' 'fair use' winning streak

With HathiTrust ruling, 'fair use' advocates in academe continue a legal winning streak that could have historic implications.

Court ruling in landmark e-reserve leaves unanswered questions

Despite its volume, 350-page court ruling in landmark case on fair use left many questions unanswered.

Supreme Court will hear case with major implications for textbook prices


Supreme Court will decide on whether less expensive, foreign-made editions of textbooks can be lawfully sold to thrifty U.S. students.

Court ruling makes it easier to win disability discrimination cases

Federal appeals court says blind students have broad right to sue Los Angeles Community College District.


Court reverses previous decision on dismissed medical student

A federal appeals court sees due process issues.



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