Court rulings

Appeals Court Revives Harassment Suit

Federal panel finds evidence for woman to proceed with claim over Georgia's handling of rape allegations involving athletes.

To Litigate Or Not to Litigate

Yale and Penn law schools consider whether to keep fighting Solomon Amendment battles when the Supreme Court decided the war.

Setting the Rules on Free Expression

Federal appeals court ruling on U. of Arkansas helps clarify what public colleges can and can't do in regulating use of their campuses.

Following the Money

In church-state dispute, court says just because a university has spent federal grant doesn't mean it can't be forced to repay it.

A Win for Anti-Bias Policies

Federal judge says public university doesn't have to recognize student groups that discriminate.

Limited Victory for Christian Fraternity

Federal judge makes clear that Chapel Hill must continue to recognize organization, but dismisses suit against university.

Knox Found Negligent in Student's Death

Eight years after a mentally ill man beat a fellow student to death in a dimly lit stairwell on the Knox College campus, an Illinois jury has found the college negligent and ordered it to pay $1.05 million to the family of the murdered student.

In March 1988, Clyde A. Best, then a student at Knox, a private liberal-arts institution in Galesburg, Ill., beat Andrea Racibozynski, a 19-year-old freshman, to death with a brick in a glass-enclosed stairwell. Best was sentenced to 60 years in prison in 1999 after pleading guilty but mentally ill.

Less Leeway for Religious Colleges

U.S. appeals court ruling narrows an exception giving them broad latitude in labor decisions governing "ministerial" employees.

Ever-Expanding False Claims Act

Federal court ruling further broadens scope of law that allows individuals to sue colleges they accuse of defrauding government.

Justices Punt on Academic Freedom

Supreme Court ruling narrows free speech rights of public employees -- but avoids question about relevance to higher education.


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